AI for Retail

Vision algorithms designed to take retail business into the future.

Find Similar Products by Appearance

Snap to Find

Find similar items with just a snap of a photo

  • With just a quick photo, customers can use their smartphones to find similar items in your catalog
  • Identify which items customers find most appealing

Visual E-Commerce Recommendations

Recommend visually similar products. Upsell customers with visually similar products they are likely to purchase

Gain a competitive edge and enhance the customer experience by integrating powerful AI search and recommendations into your shopping experience.

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Visual Customer Analytics

Smart Item Categorization

Automatically tag clothing items and images

  • Help customers find products faster and easier with detailed filters
  • Automatically identify primary colors within each item

Intelligent Video Analysis

Monitor stores’ foot traffic and capture key customer data: headcount, ethnicity, age, and types of clothing worn

  • Determine the number of incoming customers that convert into sales
  • Track demographics to learn which types of customers visit and how frequently - from this, create better promotions and increase sales
  • Identify current and future trends by monitoring the types of clothing worn by customers and compare this data to the types of clothing purchased

Powerful visual analytics that gives you access to vital customer information and enhances the customer experience

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AI Stylist

AI Stylist

Create the perfect outfit combinations by intelligently recommending matching items based on an initial selection. Automatically present customers with options to match the items they have already selected.